Austin Pizza Guide

“Pizza in the morning, pizza in the evening, pizza at supper time…” The bagel bites song is pretty much my theme song. I have had days where I’ve eaten pizza for each meal and gone a week or so where I’ve eaten pizza every day. I worked in a pizza place in high school and college and continue to make pizzas at home, but nothing compares to a good pie in a commercial oven. Here’s my picks for the best pizza options in Austin.

Pieous Bacon Bleu photo Pieous1_zpsdue60jbv.jpg

#1 Pieous

Technically it’s outside of the Austin City Limits, but Pieous has to be included on this list because the place is amazing. Their coal fired oven pops out fresh, delicious Neapolitan-style pizzas in a flash. My favorite is one of their signature pizzas; the bacon bleu. They also have amazing desserts and homemade pastrami. They’re always busy, so get there early as they tend to sell out in the evenings.

Double Dave's Pizza Rollz photo IMG_0130_zpsslsdhwki.jpg

#2 Via 313

Via 313 started out as a trailer on the East side next to a bar in 2011. They serve Detroit style pizzas meaning they’re cooked in an automotive spare parts tray (new of course) and the sauce lives over the cheese. This creates a deep dish with a flavorful cheezy crust and a cult following. 6 years later they have 2 trucks and 2 brick and mortar restaurants around Austin. The brick and mortars have more than just pizza, including fresh salads and a good beer selection so check them out.

Via 313 photo 5B94B521-25F4-4C79-A5FD-5184DDA089B0_zpslgkcethj.jpg

#3 Double Daves

“What’s this?” you say; “a chain restaurant recommendation?” Yes, okay but it’s an AUSTIN chain so its totally okay to eat here. The first DD shop opened in College Station in 1984, but it’s headquarters are in Austin. The best thing here are their Peproni rolls. No, I didn’t skip spellcheck; it’s peproni because you do a dance when you eat them they’re so good. Pepperoni and cheese stuffed into bread and served with ranch or marinara for dipping. And they’re only a $1 each on Tuesdays y’all! I also enjoy the all-you-can-eat lunch buffets where they have a full salad bar, a selection of pizzas and rolls, and delicious dessert pizzas for a low price. They deliver too!

#4 Home Slice Pizza

I grew up in New York so I often have a hankering for traditional NY style pizza. Home Slice is my go-to place when I have that craving. Their SoCo location has been packed since opening in 2005 and are soon expanding to North Loop which will probably be just as busy. They have a takeaway spot next door at More Home Slice if you’re on the go or want to buy a t-shirt. Also, they’re closed on Tuesdays so plan accordingly.

#5 Pinthouse Pizza

Good pizza AND a brewery? I’m sold. Two locations; one on S. Lamar, one on Burnet means you don’t have to travel far for a good brewpub. Try the monthly changing “off the map pie” and one of their award winning in-house brews and you won’t run out of combinations. They have a great lunch combo special too.

Honorable mentions: Bufalina, The ABGB and The Backspace.